Hongxing Company is the largest production base of polytetrafluoroethlene fiberglass belt (Itfe film Tape), series products and is the founder of fluorine chemical resin fiberglass impregnating products of China. The company has become the present Ningbo Yinzhou Hongxing Electrical Equipment Adhesive Tape Industrial Co., Ltd. from the earliest Ningbo Hongxing Electrical Equipment Factory since it started in the eighties. In the high-tech field of fluorine resin, all the products of Hongxing Company including fiberglass yarn and classic fluorine resin products are all widely used for plastic, knitting, petrochemical, food, medicine, electronic, electrical equipment, insulating, packaging, garment, anticorrosive, space flight and aviation industries. Hongxing is always trying its best to develop and seed the essence of fluorine chemical resin product to satisfying the customers.
   Now the company has already had rich technical strength and advanced producing equipment, it strengthened the inside management at the same time, kept enterprising and developing constantly, to improve product quality. The quality of the products has already been integrated with the international brand, the products are well sold in every large city and area of the whole country, and some products have already been sold to abroad. The company has superior geographical position; it is located at the east coastal of Zhejiang, it is only 20-80 kilometers away from national-level scenic spots, such as: Fenghua Xikou, Jiang former residence, Hemudu ruins, the Cultural Park of Liangzhu, Putuo mountain, Tiantong Temple, and Ayuwang Temple, etc., it is
20 km from Ningbo Lishe airport, 40 km from Beilun Harbour, 1 km from the passageway of freeway, and has very convenient traffic. The company treats the guest all over the world sincerely, and welcomes the masses of customers to order and inquire.
Hongxing¡¯s aim: Seek the essence of products hard and set up Hongxing brand faithfully.

Add: Scientific and Technological Garden Zone, Jiangshan, Ningbo, Zhejiang
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Ningbo Yinzhou Hongxing Electrical Equipment Adhesive Tape Industrial Co., Ltd.
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